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Go open your pantry.  There’s a ton of stuff there.  How long has that box of bread crumbs been there?  Imagine a kitchen where things are used as they are purchased.  The only items in your pantry are the ones you need to cook with.  Some space is occupied by spices and other long term goods, but the rest is what you will need this month.  The same goes for your fridge, freezer, and cabinets.  My goal is to run the most cost effective kitchen without compromising flavor, nutrition, or time.  I don’t want to spend every night after work cooking, but I also don’t want to be getting a $20 take out meal at Red Lobster every night either.

Next to a roof over your head, food is what costs us the most money.  It’s arguably the most important part of your budget (you keep a budget, right?) since you can’t survive without food and you could theoretically live under a bridge.

If you’re on your way to financial independence then you must be conscious of your food budget and actively minimizing it.  If not, it could easily get out of control.  I used to spend $600/month on food for myself.  That’s absurd.  Right now, I average just below $300 and there’s a lot of work to do.  Here is where I will share what I learn along the way.

Take a look around, leave a comment, and check in every now and then.


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